Monday, November 27, 2006


Well things have been kinda slow here, well, more like we haven't taken a lot of pictures... Last weekend marked the first day that I got to fiddle with knobs on the sound board at Church On The Rock Apparently it was a little too loud (or so Robyn and Sophie say), I'm blaming the swimming from the night before for plugging my ears. I had fun anyways, got not quite so scared to actualy move things by the time the end of service came around.

Wednesday (I think) we went to Maple View mall in Burlington. Interesting mall, found a cool little hobby/game store where we picked up a copy of Carcasone and we've been playing ever since. Here's some pics.

Aside from the game we also ran across a jeweler and decided to stop in. About 20 minutes and $160 later Robyn finaly had her wedding band :) We also left them with her engagement ring so it could be repaired.

Not much else I have to say except sorry to those who may download one of the messages from the Church website, I kinda was behind on the eight ball last night and hit record a little late for Dave's message @ The Alternative.

BTW, how high do you think Taylor went after this picture?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


upon discovering a dead mouse, and closer inspection, we have dected that the cause of death is "blunt foce trama to the neck"

Other news Suiside among the mice. These mice have been walking on the glue traps finding themselves very stuck to these traps. when figuring out how to get off these traps, the walked right into the "snap trap" what do we do with all these mice?

Nothing! the house is quiet, and we have not seen any mice in a day! I hope we are at the end of the mice!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Ok, so this morning, Taylor yells "Dead Mouse!!!!!"

Aly jumps up, to look, I sit with Rylan in my arms, Sophie says "Okay".....
And the snap trap has a mouse!!!!
Thank goodness... slowly we are catching them... Jason has taken two of them from the glue traps, Aly has taken the one from the snap trap, and two from a glue trap... so that leaves us.... only .... only..... huh.. I wonder how many more that leaves us....

I guess we just keep checking the traps, and keep setting them, until... well until a week goes by without a single mouse in the traps! What else is there to do right?

Monday, November 13, 2006


Ok, some of you might find this funny, some might find it offencive...

We have been dealing with mice in our house for a while now. Like some of you, I CAN'T live with the things. We have had the "snap-traps" all over our house. The mice seem to avoid the traps. It doesn't seem to matter what we put on the things. We have put everything on the traps that they have gotten into. So what do you do next?

I got really upset that these stupid mice were getting into all our food. Leaving their "calling card" everywhere. I have a lazy susan and there is a mess all over there every day. I clean it up daily, and then by that night, it is messed again.
So now what? Get a cat? we have a hamster that gets out once in a while, so I don't want it to get out and eatten by the cat...

So down to Canadian Tire I go. Very upset, and ready to do anything I can to get these stupid mice out of my house.
Snap traps... don't work...
live traps... what do you do with the mice once you catch them....
what else is there...

GLUE TRAPS!!!! that is such a great idea! They are soo sticky, nothing can get off them. You can fold them so that you don't have to see the mouse when it is caught on it... no worries right?
So, I buy as many as I can... thinking "gee.. the more we have the more mice we can catch, the less food we go through" the "folded" glue traps are all over the house. we don't have to worry about seeing it when it is stuck.. day one.... nothing day two... nothing day three... nothing again...

So.. lets open the traps and lay them flat! That will work.. there is more glue for them to have to walk on! Ya what a great idea! We know where they are hiding.. lets see what we can do with that right!
So we have 10 glue traps out, we know we have a few mice.
I send my sister down to the kitchen to make my son lunch for school. She comes back upstairs, and tells me the one in the lazy susan is not working, as the box of granola bars has been opened again. Great.. Now what right...
Well my 6 yr old son, heads to the cereal area, and SCREEMS! I go running in to see what the problem is.. There is a mouse on the glue trap at the back of the fridge. No big deal. My plan was to put it in a bag and take a hammer to it.
ok.. that isn't going to happen.. I can't do that to the poor thing. A hammer? I mean really... that is mean.. So now what do I do with the thing.. I am NOT picking up the trap with the live mouse on it! So, I leave it there... really people.. what do I do.. I can't face the poor thing... it is kinda cute...

Any suggestions??

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Halloween pics...

Ok, sorry it has taken me soooooo long to get this post done. I think I am going crazy!

So this is pics of the two houses, and putting up Halloween decorations. we put the spider web between the two houses, and we had a great time with things. This is the first time, that we have gotten along with the people next door!