Thursday, June 29, 2006


Well, since I wondered thru everyone else Blogs.. and saw.. that nobody has updated (except Janie and Dave , changed the looks of the site), I thought I had best get my butt in gear and update... since I will also be away for the next few days...

My father is getting married on Saturday. We will be driving up to Emily Provincail Park, and camping out, and watching the wedding.. sleeping.. and driving home...
I am looking forward to seeing my step brothers, my uncles, and family. It is nice to know that there is good times that will bring families together (unilke for funerals).

We have started to look for a new church, as we don't think that the hour drive to BBC is going to be all that fun.. With Jason driving 45 min daily, it doesn't seem right to drive again on the weekend... however.. we found... church on the rock It seems like a nice place, and we will see in two weeks what it is like. Seems like a great young family church. And since we really need to get back to things, I hope that this will work for us.

Taylor is soo excited about going to Grandpa's wedding, and playing checkers with Uncle Craig (my youngest step brother, whom he has been playing checkers with online). He has been talking about going to Grandpa's wedding for a few days now.

We have also been talking about a big trip for him, going back to Kenora for a few weeks. I had my opinions on him flying alone, but after talking to my Dad, and the waitress at our fav resturant in Brampton (Klassic korner), and found that it really can't be all that bad.. My best friend has been sending her youngest back and forth for a while now, and my dad said that my brothers have been flying since they were very youn also, and the waitress said, that her daughter was flying alone at 4... so.. I guess it can't be all that bad.. right??? Just not out of Pearson International.. we will use Hamilton International.. it is smaller, and I don't have to worry so much about things.
Once we have all the details of that worked out, I will also let you know. I am sure that Mom & Dad Stahls will be using their camera, and letting us know what is going on!!

Well I think I have babbled enough, and I should finish getting ready for leaving tomorrow.. and find the directions to where we are gonig..

Happy Canada Day to everyone, I hope that you have a great long weekend, and that all is well with all of your families!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Taylor's post

2 krz vat go vary fast

I hav a plado gi and somtims it stiks his tung ot

I fand thes in the strem

By Taylor

These are pictures that Taylor took. He did all the writing himself.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Well as you can see, Taylor has been making friends. He was outside with a few of the kids from around the block. Yes, that is a water gun in his hand.. and if you look beyond the dishwasher (not in my yard), there is another child hiding there.
He had a great time outside and got soaked!

I spent most of the day doing what I usually do when I am stressed.. I baked.. I did buns, rasin rice krispy cake, and oatmeal rasin cookies. Tomorrow I will bake more.. but I hope to do some breakfast muffins, and things like that!

Monday, June 26, 2006


Well the pond is done, it looks great. I can't wait until after my dad's wedding so we can put some fish in there.
I am worried about the wild life, not sure what will eat the fish, and what will leave them alone.. I don't think this small robin will touch them! (Can you see the bird)

Have a great day!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

pond puddle...

Fixing the pond, oh what fun. Jason and Taylor were working hard so they get the chance to see all this!

playing tourist

Well we thought we would go find a farmers market yesterday, but found all this instead.
We found the Duch Mill, it is a nice little shop, with all sorts of goodies... We found a little pond with LARGE coy and these duckies.

Then we found the "Devil's Punch Bowl", not really sure how or why it got its name, but we thought it was different. Taylor and Jason found the cherry trees and enjoyed trying to find the good ones!

The cherries were really good, when they got the right ones. Some of them were rather tart.
We also go ourselves some strawberries from the Punch Bowls market ( a very small barn turned into a store), and we made jam's yesterday evening. Even tried a new one, Strawberry Bananna. I hope it tastes ok! Out of jars, so no more jamming for a while!

Friday, June 23, 2006

update on the yard

Well, the other night, Sophia and Justin came for a BBQ. I took Justin outside to show him the pond, and the things I had hoped to get out of the yard... Next thing I know.... We are all outside working in the yard.

Thank you Justin for taking the tree out! Thank you Sophie for taking all the vine out!
Jason and I think the yard looks 10 times better now that we can see the back fence, and see the compost bin (Maybe now nature can work on the compost bin, now that the sun can find it also).

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Well, things with the yard are sooo strange.. we don't know what much is, and what to really take out.
We have gotten some answers, but here's to the rest of you, if you can name it great.. please let me know... and also let me know if I should pull or leave!!


Monday, June 19, 2006


Well I think things are looking good. We have been working at this unpacking bit for a while now, and I think the most of it is done.
Here are some pics of our main floor.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

We made it!!

Well we made it. We are here.. and happy to be here!!

Things were really looking scarry yesterday when we left Brampton. We made it, got the keys, and this is this mornings pictures... Boxes everywhere...
I will keep you up todate on our unpacking process..

And just for Janie, here is the "jet tub" in use~ LOL

Thursday, June 15, 2006

bye bye Brampton

Well, I am about to say good bye to brampton.... I am sure going to miss the great friends we made while we were here.
Thank you Joyce, for pitching in and helping. All hands are welcome. With the truck almost full.. and the house looking... well.. looking like there is still a ton to pack.. I had best say bye to all you bloggers for a few days....
We should be back up and running by.... Sunday/monday....
give me a few days to decide where I want the computers...

I have other things on my list to do first...
..... like ....



Wednesday, June 14, 2006

tick... tick... tick...

Tick, tick, tick, is all I can hear right now.. listening to the sound of the clock.
It is strange, that as moving day nears... I can't sleep a wink... The more I try to sleep, the less I can.
I think it is part of the stress of moving, knowing we are moving to a new city, a new life, a new start. I know that as a familiy we can do this. We have done so well in the past, and we adapt very well to change. I havn't started to look for a new church yet, and I hope that comes easily. I have however found a TOPS Chapter, and am very much looking forward to that. I know that I really need to work on that again.
So many changes, in such a short time.
I can't wait... in 48 hours, I will be sitting in my jet tub, with a glass of wine in my hand.... relaxing... for the first time in a long time!

Monday, June 12, 2006


Ok Keyra,
This is Taylor's smile for you!

This move stuff is getting really stressful. Things have been going wrong, yet not really wrong, just slow.. we have had things fall thru, and set up other things.. and they fall thru...
I guess this is why they say that buying a house, is the second most stressful thing to do in life...

House is packed... looking rather bare.... and I want to do crafts.. but they are packed... would love to do some scrapbooking... but thats packed too....
Only 4 more sleeps....

Friday, June 09, 2006

eeewewwwwww.... blood.....

Attention, this Blog is not for those who can't stand Blood! Please do not look at the pictures if you can't deal with blood...
Those of you with small children.... get use to it!!!

OK, so Taylor and I were goofying around today, and his knee his is mouth.. and his loose teeth, started to bleed... then Jason got home...We goofed around some more, his knee his his mouth a few more times... and caused a bit more blood....
and.. well...
The kleenex came out.. and so did tooth #1....

Taylor made his phone calls... told some people.. then while I was talking to my mother-in-law, he pulled the second one out! You should hear him now... I don't know where he thinks the tooth fairy's money tree is, but I think I need some help finding it!

a new chapter about to begin

Well as we slow down for the end of this chapter in our lives, we are sure getting ready to start the new one.
There is so much do to, and time is sure ticking! We are still packing, and working on finding help for our move. I am sure that things will work out. I just keep praying for the best. We have had some problems .. well maybe not problems.. maybe... trials... come up, and we are working thru those. We went to see the house, and get some mesurments and things the other day, and found a few things "missing" from the house. These are little things, that we really arn't to worried about, but things that make me wonder what else might go "missing". I always thought that once you signed everything, and everything was done, that was it.. what you saw was what you get... I guess not always.. I think when selling a house, if you plan to take something out of the yard, or the house, you need to put it in the exclusions. I don't think the new owners should be surprised to see things "missing" or "gone" when they go back to look at the house after the offer has been accepted.
I am glad that the real estate agent was with us when we went thru the house all the time, and she can ask about things for us. I am really not sure what to think about that. This is why it has taken me so long to update the blog, I needed to calm down...
Sorry for the rant peoples... I best walk away from this before I write more, and get upset again...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

views of Sarnia

Well I have more pictures of the weekend to share. I sure enjoyed my time in Sarnia.
The boys here sure missed me while I was gone.. Taylor and Jason had to fend for themselves while I was away. Taylor crawled into bed with Jason, because he was upset and missed mommy... I guess that just means I need to go away more often....

Anyway, enjoy the sights!

There are a few pictures of TOPS also. The lady with the walker is our Provincal Queen Runner up,(78 yrs old, lost 121.25 lbs), thy young lady in the pink prom dress with the older gent are our Provincal King and Queen, (she lost 138.5 lbs, he lost 68.5 lbs)
Also just for those of you in Kenora... here is something to be proud of, CHapter with NO Gains for the year is Dryden ON 5277!! Aly, that is something to tell the ladies on tuesday night!!
Seeing people who have lost 138 lbs - 116 lbs - 78 lbs - 49 lbs, you look at these people and are just in awww... they have done such a great job. I am so proud of my TOPS family for all the support they share, and all fun they have, in getting to goal.
Remember, the way to goal is a lonly road, you need someone who cares, so reach out my friend, and take my hand, and know I'm always there!

Also.. only 10 more days until the big move!!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Well I thought I would add more pictures of the weekend, now that I am rested.
The graduation is so special to do at PRD, I hope that next year, I can join them on the stage!