Wednesday, August 31, 2005

good day

Well it has been an uneventful few days. Taylor has settled down, and is back to his normal sleep pattern, Jason and I are sleeping better.
Jason and I watched a movie last night. It was nice to have the time to just cuddle up on the couch, and have time for us. We haven't really been doing that much.

Not much to report. I think that Taylor and I are going to try and get to the City Centre today, but not really sure yet, depends on the weather!
Have a great day!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

sleepless night

Well Taylor had his friends stay again last night. It wasn't so bad after I seperated them, and made Taylor sleep in his own bed. Maybe an issue of over-stimulant. I thought I heard them all night, and that kinda stopped me from getting that deep sleep.
Today, we took them all to church. They were well behaved. They sure got hyper after we got home. But I guess that is to be expected.
Eating lunch, and I think they can all go back outside, and burn off some of this energy they all have.
I am sure Taylor will be in bed early, as he was up at 6am today, and didn't go back to bed.
I hope that he will have an early night as I am going to need one. I picked up a 6-2 shift for Monday, and I am looking forward to doing it as I have yet to do an early morning like this before.
Have a good day!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Happy Birthday

Well, today is Taylor's Birthday party. He had freinds sleep over last night, and then had a party this afternoon. Water fights, hot potato, hotdogs, icecream cake and presents, I am sure they all had fun.
I have put up a few pitcuters of today. Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Taylor and I went to a friends in Action today to make Peach Jam. Taylor was more intrested in playing with the cat then making jam. Shanna and I made lots of jam. I am sure that everyone will enjoy it. Her and I are also going to make perogies, and cabbage rolls in the fall, when it cools off.
Taylor now wants a kitten, not sure how that is going to work since we are not allowed to have one in the house we are renting. Maybe in a year or two, he can have one.
Jason and I went to look at a few town-houses last night. I fell in love with the second one that we viewed. It is an end unit, 3 bedrooms, full finished basement, good size rooms, all appliances. It was very nice. It only had one down fall. The kitchen is kind of small, but we can do something about that. Only one person in the kitchen at a time, and no eat-in area. But the rest of the house makes up for that!
Taylor is making crafts today, and I am sure we will go to the park for a while. The weather has cooled off a bit for us, more "normal" temps for us these days.

Monday, August 22, 2005

been a few days

Well time to update again. I guess it has been a few days.
Last night Taylor was having fun in the garden. He found the beets and wanted to eat them. I don't think he has ever eaten raw beets before, but he did last night. He also was helping me pick beans so that more would grow. He was shocked at the size of some of them... They have been really large. I have found if you leave some of the small ones, that they seem to get rather large quickly. I found my picture of my zuchini's from the first time around.
We lost all of our corn to a hungry animal. Not really sure what, but it has been really hungry. I will be surprised if I go out today and I still have any mellons left

Thursday, August 18, 2005

shop till you drop!

Well Sophie, Anat, and I spent the morning shopping our butts off. We looked, and looked, and looked, at... in the last store we were in, we found the perfect dress!! We ran back to Brampton, dropped Anat off, picked up Sue, and Julia, and went back to Square one, to show Sue the dress, and find one for her. We found her's and got them!! I am hoping and praying that Candy will be ok with one of the ones we have.
The girls and I also got our table clothes, napkins, the last of the mens shirts, my tiara, and sore feet! All in all, I think we had fun, and I am happy that we went shopping and did all that we did. I hope to get a picture of the brides maid dresses to put up here. I am sure everyone will like them!!
Well off to make a few more phone calls. I hope that we can get everything done in the next few days.
God Bless

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

wedding blitz

Well we spent most of the day looking for dress colours for the brides maids, we didn't get that far in that area, but we did get Taylor a very cute suit to wear, and the grooms men their shirts. I was a busy day. I am hoping tomorrow will be more productive, and we find the girls dresses.
I am heading out with Sophie, and Sue tomorrow to try and find the dresses, and a few other things for the wedding. Hoping that we will find all that we need, and I can settle down a bit on that note.
We tried to put Julia's tiara on, but her hair is so thin, and she really hasn't got much, that it didn't want to stay in. I am going to look for other ideas on how to keep it in her hair. I am sure we will come up with something.
Well off to write up some more invitations. Have a great night!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Well I worked today. It wasn't such a bad day.
Jason printed off our invitations, and reply cards. He was worried that he messed up because he didn't check things before he printed, and printed some in black and white. I think it's ok because they still look really good. So, no mess up, just a change in plans!
We got most of our invitations addressed, and names put on our reply cards, tomorrow I will work on putting our little saying on the actual invitations. I hope that I can do them nicely.
I have had a thought about the bridesmaid dresses, I think I might just go find the colour that I want, and let them all find their own dresses. That way, I get the right colour, and they will have dresses that they might wear again!! Just in the thought process.
Well off to bed, not much to write today!

Monday, August 15, 2005


Well, we worked on our wedding invitations last night. We have decided to hand write parts of them. It sure takes some time, but I think they will look good. We have just been practicing with the calligraphy set, that way we don't mess things up too bad when Jason prints the cards off at work. We have everything set up and know what they are going to look like when they are done, so it will be nice to get them done, and get them mailed.
I forgot how much work there is in planning a wedding. I sure hope that we can get everything done.
We purchaced the small pumpkins for our small gifts, we just have to decied on what to fill them with. We are still working on our mailing list, but I think Jason has to phone his family to get a few more, as will I. We are still waiting to hear back from our church here to know for sure if Pastor Dean will be able to officiate the wedding or not. If anyone has any ideas of things that we might forget to do, please let me know... I think I could use all the help I could get!!
Taylor is in a great mood today. I hope he stays this way, I have a few things that I would like to get done yet.
I hope that Sue and I will have time on wednesday to go look for some colours for the bridesmaids dresses. Even if i get colours, I can at least send Candy the colour, and she can look for a dress herself.
I picked up my dress yesterday, as well as a taira for Julia, I hope that she will be able to practice with it, and keep it on her head.
I have a few phone calls to make after noon today to find out about the meal that we would like to try and have. Find out how much it is going to cost, and if they can help us with what we are looking for.
I guess I should really start taking pictures again so you don't all have so much reading, and have more to look at... A bit more intrest then just reading..
Have a good day!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

family pictures

well we went to Newmarket for "family" pictures today. I guess it wasn't that bad. I did get to see my brothers that I haven't seen in about 10 years or so. It was nice to spend time with them.
The pictures will be nice when we get them back also. Michelle did a photo with the two boys and I, and Dad did on with Michelle's two girls. The are nice poses. We did a gag picture that I am sure people will enjoy. I will make sure to post them when I get copies.

We went to Mel's for a BBQ afterwords (Mel is Michelle's oldest daughter). We had a few drinks, eat, sang karoke, and drove home. It wasn't a bad day all in all!
My dad seems ok with the wedding, and seems happy that he is invited. I hope all goes well with all my family in one room for a few hours!
Have a good night!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Sunny St. Jacobs

Well I spent the day in St. Jacobs working for Dave. I enjoy doing it. I got to go for a walk around and see what was new. Sure lots of fruit starting to show up now. I hope that the next time I go I can get some peaches, and maybe some cucumbers for pickling.
Taylor had a good day at the sitters today. He seems in a good mood. I hope the evening holds out the same.
Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

the thunder rolls!

Well the rain is comming down, the sounds are wonderful.
Jason contacted the church here, to see if one of their pastors would officiate our wedding. By the sounds of things, it is a possiblity. That is good to know. We don't have much time left to plan things, but we sure need to get a move on.
I asked my mother to help me find a small basket for Julia, and a pillow for Noah (or Taylor, if I really can't get him to walk down the isle with me).
I hope we can get things all worked out..
Anyway, it is storming more then I thought.. going to shut down the computer for now.
Have a good afternoon

sitting here thinking

Well I just got off the phone with the pastor we would like to do our wedding. By the sounds of things, he can't make it for the wedding. For that matter, he can't make it at all that month. I don't know what to think now, we don't know anyone here in Brampton who could do the wedding. Unless we go with a JP, and to me that isn't a real wedding. It isn't the same.
I guess we could do the wedding in Kenora, but that isn't what I really want to do... I was looking forward to having friends from here at the wedding. We may not have many friends here, but enough that we don't want them to miss out. I know that our wedding party couldn't all make it to Kenora. I don't know what we are going to do... I am sure something will work out in the end, but I think that we are going to have to do a lot of praying about this.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

well the garden is slowly falling apart. Not sure if it is the lack of water or what. The zuchini plants are starting to die off.
Last night we went to Dave and Sue's to do some brainstorming for the wedding. I think that we are doing good for where we are right now. I have a few phone calls to make tomorrow, and a few things that I want to look into, but I know that will get done. Sue and I are also going to go look for dresses for the brides maids. I am sure that we will find something that will look good on everyone.
I am still working on Taylor walking me down the isle, and I hope that in the end he will. He is much more intrested in walking Julia down the isle.
He is getting excited for his birthday party. I am hoping that Kim and Daniel will be able to come for him. He really misses them. I am sure that if they come he will be soo happy.
I am looking forward to going for a visit to Kenora at the end of September. I am sure that things will go well while we are there.
Have a great night!

Monday, August 08, 2005


what a day, and it has only just begun. It is hot already today. I would love to see some rain!
We have been having a problem with squirls in our yard. They seem to like my veggies, and we are not getting many for us. I am not sure how to keep them out of the garden, but I would love some advice on that if anyone has any. We have had some beans, and some peas, but our cucombers and zuchini are being eatin by the crazy squirls!
Excuse the bad spelling, but that is just me~
Well I will try and write more later today.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Well I worked today, and Teresa and I are going to take the kids to the circus tonight. I hope they will have fun. They are having fun playing around upstairs right now.
It has been a long day for me today, work was kinda long. I hope that tomorrow is a better day.
Have a good day!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

October 8th

Ok I did this post, and lost it, not sure what happened.
We have decided on October 8th for our Wedding. I am getting more excited about it everyday! I know that I would like Taylor to walk me down the isle, but I don't think he really wants to. He is more intrested in walking with Julia down the isle. I guess I can understand that. She is a cutie!
I hope that Jason and I can work on things for the wedding together every night until things are done, I also know that we really don't have much time, but I think that we can get things done fast. My Nanny will be here for the wedding, her and David are comming back with Taylor and I when we come home from Kenora from a friends wedding.
I think that Jason and I have made up our minds as to who we would like in our wedding party. I just hope that everyone we have asked will be able to do so.
Well I will try and post again after. I have a few things to get done!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

run run run

Today at work was a hectic one, we didn't stop all day. I sure hope I got everything done that needed be done, but I am sure that I will find out tomorrow if I didn't. We had a fire today, thankfully nobody was hurt, and everything was ok. It was a very small fire, on the roof of the building. It came up on the pannel as a fire in the penthouse. I didn't know we had a penthouse! Heck our Administator didn't know we had a penthouse!!! (nor how to get there) We even had the fire department there!
Went to TOPS tonight, didn't do too bad, since I didn't weigh in last week, and stayed the same this week. I gotta make a few phone calls and get some food into my belly now. Have a good night!!

More telling the family

Well after Robyn was done it was my turn. My grandma Stahls already had an idea of what I was planning, she was quite happy :) I was worried about telling my parents as I wasn't sure how they were going to react... That went well :) I don't know if Robyn's mad at me or not, she's slowly finding out a lot of people knew what was comming.... Her sisers had known for a while, most of my friends, heck our son even knew.

Phoned a great friend of ours Tom Newell and asked him to officiate the cerimony. HE wanted to know why I didn't just someone closer to do it. Well Tom, I don't want someone else, I want a familiar face, one I know and trust up there with us! :)

We're looking at October 8th or October 29th right now. We both like the idea of a fall/haloween theme.

Hope you all have a good day, sorry for not posting much lately!


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

telling family

Well I have told my Nanny, and now both sisters, and my mother... I guess I should be done telling people, that is until I make up my mind as to who I want to come, and who I would like to be in the wedding party!
I believe I am going to be going to Kenora at the end of September for a friends wedding, my Nanny is talking about paying for Taylor to go with me so that she could see him. I guess that would be cool, but I am also worried about taking him out of school for a week. I guess time will tell.
Well off to bed to think about all the things needed to think about before a wedding!!

Monday, August 01, 2005


Jason and I went out for a nice dinner leaving Taylor with Sophie. It was a nice night out, and we really enjoyed it. We also went for a nice walk in Chincousay Park. We walked with all the strange people there, there was so much going on. We walked around the flowers... around the pond... around the park.. and then sat for a while watching the ducks, and swans... Then on one knee, Jason asked me to marry him. I said yes, with tears running down my face. I am so happy.
We have even got you all a picture to check out!
Have a wonderful night