Monday, January 29, 2007

Feeling better

Well the last few days have been better. I slept all night last night, and wasn't ill!!
I am babysitting Rylan today so that Soph can get moved. We had him last night for a bit, and he was soo cranky. I wasn't looking forward to babysitting today. However, he is in a great mood! He is singing to me talking to me, and just going on! I bought him a new toy with frogs on it, and it is like a water mat. Heck.. thats what it is called.. Looks like these, but has two frogs on it!

No that isn't Rylan in the picture.

Well I have more to write, but he is getting to the point where he wants me to play, not touch the computer! LOL. I think he is ready for a nap, not that he really naps either!
Write more when I can!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

18+ entry to this post.. and not those with a weak tummy

Ok, so I will start off to tell you, that... Never have I felt like this when I have been pregnant in the past....
I have descovered the 4am nightly for the past month... I know I don't sleep well iln the first place.. but I mean.. come on.. do I really need to be up from 4-5am??
Ok, I understand that maybe my body is getting ready for the baby, and the times that the baby will be up during the night, but for an hour at a time? Do we really think a baby would be up that long at night? Was I that sleepy 6 yrs ago, and forget already? I don't mind the waking up, looking at the clock.... and telling myself, that I need my rest, to go back to sleep... that I am sure we can all deal with!

However... last night was a totally different story...

now for the 18+ and nobody with a weak tummy.

So 4am rolls around, Robyn wakes, lays in bed knowing it is 4am, and needs more sleep... when.. the tummy starts to roll... and roll.... and roll...
This being a normal part of pregnancy, I wait for it to pass, as it normally does after about 10 min or so. SO I wait... and wait.. and wait... then... all of a sudden... I have to pee.... like most pregnant women, it comes out of the blue, and if we don't hurry up and get there.. we might just be sitting in a mess.
So, I try to get out of bed, carefull not to wake Jason as he has to be up in just a few hours for work.... I rush to the bathroom, and have my pee... no big deal right.. except the tummy is still rolling.. and rolling...
So, lets just stay where we are.. the bathroom seems like the right place to be if one is going to get sick. Well, for those who have been in our house, you know how far away the tub and the toilet are.. and I am one of those people who need to be sitting on the toilet while I get sick.. or.. well.. you figure that out...
So, I get up, grab the garbage can, empty it into a grocery bag, and take it back to the bathroom with me. I sit back down, and try to relax, try to breath, try to enjoy the nice cold feeling of the tile wall.
Ya right.... next thing I know.. I am vomiting. I wake Jason (not on purpose), scare the cat half to death, and scare myself, as nothing is coming up.
I took a gravel before bed because I felt bad then, so I kept telling myself that I wouldn't vomit, because I took the pill. Jason.. the great man he is.. says.. "It doesn't last all night you know" Like I didn't know that.. I just had to fool myself into thinking I would be ok...
So 20 minitues later.. I am feeling better.. had a drink of my flat ginger ale, and clean up... back to bed I go..
No worries right.. the tummy is feeling better.. the head hurts from being ill, but that will go away... off to sleep I go...

Until my alarm goes off at 8am, telling me its time to get Aly and Taylor off to school... And the tummy starts again. When does it stop... I don't know.. I have not vomited this morning, but sure feel like it..

Everyone says by the second trimester that things settle down. I can only hope and pray for that. I don't think I could handle what Sophia went through. 9 mts of being sick.... no thanks.

Sorry to gross some of you out, but I had to vent, and get this all out.. lol
I know it will go away, it will just take time. I just have to be careful what I eat, and when.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, January 22, 2007

We have proof!

We have solid proof now with our name and everything for any of you that thought we were fibbing about the whole pregnancy thing! :) Drs say we're probably about 8 weeks now and have given us a due date of Sept 2nd. Here's the pic they were so nice to give us! (and label too)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


yes, can you believe it?? It does snow in Hamilton! It has been snowing most of the day. The roads are still good, not too bad. Other then the drivers who think they own the road, and don't think they have to signal to change lanes.
I hope that this snowfall will stay. Taylor has been lost with no snow. It has been quite strange to be somewhere with no snow for Christmas. Maybe this is a sign that I will be learning to ski this year... oh.. wait... am I allowed to ski while pregnant?
Maybe I shouldn't

This pregnacy is soo different the with Taylor. I am not feeling too bad other then the cold I have, that I can't shake, and can't take anything for... but thats ok. I have been sleeping lots. I have to thank Aly for helping me with Taylor in the mornings. She has been letting me sleep, and she has taken him to school for me. It helps lots, as I am still babysitting in the afternoons.

I think Jason and I have decided to look into the midwifes in the area. We would like Taylor to be present at the birth. Besides, what else would we do with him! LOL. He has watched a baby story with me lots, so he has an idea of what it will be like. I want Taylor to be apart of this pregnancy as much as possible. I don't want him to feel left out at all. He wants to help name the baby, and I think that is cute. I am sure when the time comes for us to start thinking about names, we will all be soo excited.
I often wonder what the cats will, be like with a baby in the house... they will no longer be the centre of attention. I am sure that they, as well as Taylor will ajust. I hope it isn't too much of an ajustment for Tay. He is doing so well when we have Rylan. He just wants to play with him. I can't wait until Rylan is bigger, and he and Tay can play!

I have a prayer request. Keyra (my sister) is having some issues that need prayer. The long and the short, her bf Andrew left. Please keep her in your prayers. She really needs us all right now.

I think that is about it for today, I will post some pictures of last nights ggame when I make it to the basement again...
Hugs to all!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy Birthday

Ok,so lets get the birthday pics up. Paul isn't here today so I can get near the basement!

Today, this was of intrest. As Jason lay on the floor doing what ever he was doing..(playing a game, doing work, who really Love ya dear!)
Maximus tried to help with the laptop. He really likes to play around, trying to attach the screen, chasing the mouse, and whatever he can when anyone is on the laptop. This is something we are all use to. However, if you look on Jason's back, you will see Finnigan also. Finn had no problem falling asleep on Jason's back. He loved it there, and stayed put until Jason moved.

This is the joy of having cats! As our pillow says, Dogs have owners, cats have staff!
This is soo true. Finnigan brought his food dish to me the other day, because it was empdy. Like come on mom feed me! LOL
These two have really been a joy to our house hold. Can't wait to add more to our house!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Not much Happening

Well yesterday was Jason's Birthday. Aly did take pictures, however, Jason and Paul are working in the basement this week, so we have no access to the other computers. So I will post the pics as soon as I can get down there.
We didn't do anything too exciting for him. His parents had me go down to CT first thing yesterday morning to get two new tires put on for him. Aly and I put bowes on them, and bought a cake, and put the cake on top of the hood. Called Jason outsie, and tada! Happy Birthday!!

I haven't been much in the mood for blogging. I have been kind of tired, and feeling a bit under the weather. Dealing with no snow here is driving me nuts, but I guess that is something that we have to get ues to.

Here are a few pics from days gone by, sorry for not having much to say, or much new....

Monday, January 01, 2007

long over due update....

Well I guess I should get my butt in gear and update. Things have been very busy around hear this past... oh... month...

Jason, Taylor and I went out for a dinner at TJ's Resturant. Tic was asked if he would eat this!

No worries.... he ate it... and got his reward!!

We had Jason's parents here for Christmas, it was so great to have them here. We sure miss them now that they are gone.... We sure hope they can stay longer next time. It was so wonderful to have family around. It made us realize how much we miss them, and how much help family can be.

Taylor got 2 more addons for Carcassonne, and have been going nuts with that. We have been playing so much carcassonne that we are going to turn into followers, cities, and the Count!

We Spent New Years in Innisfil with Kim and her family. Taylor had a blast with Dano, however... those pics will have to wait until Kim sends some to us... we kinda couldn't find our camera...

Maybe I should also let you in on another secret....
Then again.. maybe I will make you wait.... some of you if you check your email will know....
Ah... I can't wait... I hate waiting!!!

Sorry Sue.. hope you don't mind I kinda borrowed your idea... however I did make SOME phone calls first! LOL