Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Look all around you

Look all around you and see! Fewer and fewer boxes. I think we might be getting somewhere. I know that we have moved a few things around, and Taylor's room, is... well... Taylor's room.. boxes or not, you can't move in it! I went in there today to turn off his night light, and not too sure what I stepped on, and stepped on again... Nothing squishy thankgoodness. I know what he will be doing after school today.
It sure has been nice reuniting with friends again. Talking to people that I havn't heard from in a long time.
Have a great day.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Oh Christmas tree

So instead of a gingerbread house like we have done in past years, Taylor found this nice gingerbreat tree. I think it is much nicer then the house, and it sure was much easier to put together. We didn't have to worry about if falling apart!
I have also included today's bath picture! Enjoy!

Saturday, November 26, 2005


ok so I forgot to flip them.. turn your heads!!

here is the tree and Taylor!

yaya pictures!!

OK so lets start with pictures of the house... this will be a few posts long to get all the pictures up I think.
There are pictures of what we have done with the place, not all finished yet, but boxes are cute?!
Our kitchen is a good size, but the bedrooms leave something to be desired. Livingroom is ok, behind the purple tydied sheet is our computers.. a small cut out in the wall.. just enought room for a small table... and a hot hot computer!!! LOL
Enjoy these ones!

Christmas is comming

Ok, so last night, we put the lights and decorations up on our small tree. I wasn't going to put up a tree since we are not going to be here for Christmas, but Taylor really wanted a tree. A fellow co-worker gave us a small tree so that Taylor could have one up. He is soo excited, he wants to make sure that Santa leaves him something under his tree here, so that when we get home from Kenora, he will have something from Santa. I guess I have to pray about that one!
Christmas is a time for Joy, and Family. This Christmas, we have lots on our plates. With my sister Keyra going to have her baby any day now, Taylor is getting more and more jelious. I don't know how to teach him, that its ok to have a new baby in the family. He already phoned Nanny and told her, he doesn't like her anymore, because when the new baby comes, she is going to spoil the baby and not him anymore. She told him, not to worry. I can see it now.. Nanny holding the baby and Taylor having a tantrim. What will it be like when Jason and I decide to have a baby? How will he be then. He keeps telling us he wants a baby, a sister. I hope we can get this under control before we go to Kenora for Christmas.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Well the end of the month is nearing.... and I ask myself... is the old house empty yet... I know I have been told not to worry about it, but there are things that still haven't been taken out of the house, that I can't afford to have anything happen to.. Taylor and my hope chests are still in there.. my great grandfather ( who has passed on) made those, and I can't replace them. I am still waiting to know that the cable is here to deal with the digital camera, and the TP that is still under the sink in the old bathroom.. the list goes on.. what do I do.. I guess tomorrow between runs, I am just going to have to go there and deal with it myself....
SOrry for the rant....

Monday, November 21, 2005

good day

Well hello all. sorry for the long wait between posts.
I am waiting on Jason to bring over the cord for the camera so I can post some pictures of our new abode. Taylor is having fun with all his toys in his bedroom now. He also got one of his Christmas presents early, we gave him his new VHS, to go along with his DVD player he got for his birthday. He is all excited about being able to watch movies at bed time. I hate to burst his bubble, but that will soon come to an end.
Taylor is now catching the bus to school. Today was his first day, but I don't think dad took the camera, so I will take pictures of him getting off the bus! Jason said he seemed really happy to be going on the bus, and not mom's bus.
Anyway, I hope that Jason will soon get the rest of the things moved over, and I will not have to worry about it anymore.
Have a great day.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ok so I can't think of a title for this. We move a few things yesterday, and hope to move more today. Not sure what we are gonig to get accomplished as we are not moving any of the big stuff until at least thursday, as that is when our phone will be moved over. I think this is crazy.
We found out that the house we are moving into isn't just a upper and lower, there are 3 apartments in it. I have to keep in mind that this is only for a short time. 6 months isn't that long.
Taylor asked me today if we could stay in the new house tonight, but without any of our large things there, it is kind of hard to stay, and without our phone it is even harder. So he is just going to have to wait a few more days. I hope that we can get things done by then.
Have a good day.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

another day

Well, we started to move a few things today. We still have a lot to go, but at least we have a few things done, and all the boxes from the livingroom are gone. I know that it is going to take a while to move. I am sure that it will take us the better part of the rest of the month to get things done. I am hoping that we can be all settled before we go back to Kenora for Christams, but I am not sure about that. As we took the boxes over today, I did what I could to unpack a few things and find a home for them. While doing so I realized that we don't have much room for many things. I guess I will have to do more downsizing then I thought. I don't know what we are going to do, Taylor and I have been in a house for almost 4 years. You sure collect a lot of things in 4 years. Going to a much, much smaller place is very hard. I guess we will see what tomorrow has to bring...

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Wind and Rain

Well with the weather around here no wonder people are running for cover! It has been so windy here for the past few days, its a wonder anything is still standing. We haven't had much heat since yesterday sometime, as the furnice will not stay running for any time. We tried to get in touch with the Landlord, but we might as well talk to a brick wall. I am glad we are moving, and our new landlord seems much easier to deal with.

On a lighter note. I found out today a friend is pregnant! There must be something in the water down here, as everywhere you look, there are pregnant ladies everywhere! Congrats Sophie! I guess I had best get ready to make you a blanket also!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Its Done!!!!

Ok so it didn't take quite a month, but the baby blanket is done! I sure like the way it turned out. Now to finish the other projects that I started and put on hold to get this done!

blanket making

Well on our honeymoon I learned to crochet. So, I decided to make a baby blanket for Keyra and Andrew. So I thought I would show you the start... and the middle.. I am still in the process of finishing it. I still have to do the border. This has really been an experience for me.
KEYRA YOU BETTER LIKE IT!!! no complaining, and saying I did something wrong!! Love ya!

Monday, November 07, 2005

larger city.....

So we move to a bigger city for more oppertunities... more oppertunities to get screwed....
Talk about a hassel. We have had nothing but problems since we started to try and move our phone and get our cable cut off. I can't believe how much of a problem it is to get these things done in such a large city. I never ever had these problems with anything like that in Kenora. My only problem there was the waiting for things to be done, and even that, things were done within a few days..... unlike Rogers here who will not cut our cable off until the 30th of the month because we didn't give them enought notice. Or the phone company who wants us to pay $60 to have our phone moved. Or the other phone company who is still charging us for using their services, and we haven't been for over a month. I don't get this....
Sorry for the vent, but I think I have to get this out!

Saturday, November 05, 2005


ok so we are moving. Nothing new right.. it has been almost a year... whats wrong with moving?? We are going from a nice spacious 4 bedroom place to a 2 bedroom small basement apartment. We have to downsize our belongings. I have gotten use to this after moving down here. I left a lot behind when I moved here. I am starting to think it is a trend. I have always been a pack rat, until now. I am gonig to start throwing everything out. Why keep things for so long. Why do I feel the need to keep letters, cards, papers, and other silly little things forever.
Moving is always a stressful time, and this time is no exception. I don't know what to do with all the stress. I am not happy with this move, but when you don't have much choice, what do you do. I didn't want to have to move Taylor out of his school, so we did what we could to stay in the area. I am feeling like crap because of this move. We are supose to be going there to clean today, and get the carpets cleaned. I have lost intrest in going, I don't feel like doing it anymore. I don't want to pack, I don't want to do anything in regards to moving, or for that matter.... anything.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Well Taylor had lots of fun for Halloween. I am sure that he has more then enough candy to last him a lifetime! I have gotten around to putting up some of his pictures. We also went to the pumpkin farm and picked out our own pumpkins, and had a blast carving them.
Enjoy looking!