Monday, July 31, 2006


So I don't get it, I've been meaning to post rants for weeks now when I get to work about the people I see while driving here and their seeming lack of knowledge on how to safely drive a car but I never do it... Yet today, I see a accident on my way to work not far long my drive that has a offramp and two lanes of the QEW closed and I have to post about it.

So, what I'm trying to understand is this. I go past this accident and look on my way by, I see this riced out civic, or atleast I think it might have been a civic, and start thinking to myself "what a idiot, driving too fast and smashing up his car" then I start thinking that I'd be suprised if the person survived that crash... Next thing I know I'm driving along praying for this person. Now I don't often pray for myself, I don't often pray at all, I'm still strugling with my faith. Why is it that I felt such a need to pray for someone I had never met, someone I had never seen, and someone that had they gone flying past me on my drive to work I would have been ranting about for the rest of the day? I don't know... Sure has had me thinking all morning tho.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Another Ghost Walk

Well we took Aly to Ancaster. We did the Hermitage Ruins. It was a long walk out side. We had the same guide as when we did the Customs House. Ghost Guide George. George is so great, he is so into his role. For those of you who know my Ex-Husband, take a look at Ghose Guide James while your on the site... Tell me that doesn't look like Edward! LOL.
We found this walk to be very intresting. However, we also found it hard to "feel" any presents or anything as we were in a very large group, and had the joys of a Camera Man in our group. Everytime you thought you might feel something "FLASH" on would go his camera light.
I hope that Jason and I can do the other two walks ourselves, and maybe do the Custom's Ball, near Halloween.
Well not much else to Report for today..maybe after Church I will have something more to say!

Friday, July 28, 2006


well after making Sophie's pillow, I did some thinking, and thought it would be great to start a business doing just what I had so much fun doing. Let me know what you think of the things I would like to use as poster/flyers. I have a few ideas on where I can put them up. I will just have to wait and see where I go from here!!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Yes she made it!

Well yes, I have to say, that Aly made it.

Yesterday, Sophie, Rylan and I spent the day in Brampton, visiting friends, shopping, and spending time together, waiting for Aly's flight to come in. It was such a nice day. I am so happy that we had the chance to spend the day together, and Sophie and I had some time to chat, about everything. I miss having someone to just go chat with.

Aly's flight was a wee bit late, but it wasn't too bad. I forgot to ask Jason how many times he drive around the airport, because we are too cheap to pay for parking. Sophie, Rylan and I were waiting to see Aly off the plane. Sophie saw Aly before I did, as I was kinda holding Rylan to get my baby fix over with LOL. Sophie was wondering around, looking in the doors, it was funny to watch. It was like it was her sister coming in or something LOL. I wasn't to worried about it. Aly has flew in before. It sure is a pain to just sit and wait..
I think we all had a good day. I know that ig was sure nice to get out, and enjoy the day. It was rather hot out, but we made it thru anyway.
We picked Aly up, and took the senic drive home, as I had to stop at a friends in Georgetown, and pick up a few things.
We drove all the way down Guelf line, to the QEW. It was so nice, going thru all the small towns, and seeing all the little things in the area. I am so happy that we did that.

Anyway, no pictures to post.. not much else to say...
I am really missing Taylor, and can't wait until he gets home... only 7 more sleeps until he gets home... thank goodness...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Open House

Ok, so we have decided to have an Open House, or a Come and Go Tea, to view our new house. I was so excited, Jason and I worked on the invite for the email, and I sent it out last night to people in the area. I was Soo excited...
I recieved a few email's back this morning, as we forgot to add something to this email.
For those of you not on my email list, or who live to far away to get the email... I still love you!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

our own Canadian idol....

Ok.. so I think the people next door are trying out for Canadian or American Idol... Some one please send Simon to my house.. help me!!
Ok.. so I sat down to do some paper work, and some reading, and.. what do I hear.. someone atempting to belt out "Concreate Angel" by Martina McBride. I love that song, so no worries right, I can just sing along?? No.. there is no way to sing along to someone who is uncapable if hiting the notes... and still trying.. But I shouldn't complane right.. it is the middle of the day... no worries.. right??? I love country music, no worries... There are some great singers out there right.. people have to start somewhere right... ok.. so I hear the begining of a great Kenny Chesney song.... and... then.. it starts.. the singing...
I need to know how to break the mic over there...
So I go over to our tv, put the Country station on, so I can listen to it.. crank it up.. and go back to doing what I was doing... and I can still hear her singing... I think about banking my head agaist the wall, but what good will it do.. it will be me with a headache, still having to listen to the bad singing!!
I don't know how her husband puts up wiht it.. he must drink a lot!! That is the only way to deal with it!!
I guess this is just things I need to learn how to deal with, things about having your own home, that you need to deal with.. things that just go on...

Going compleatly insane......

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Getting spooked

Well last night, Jason and I went on one of Haunted Hamilton's Ghost walks.
It was great to get out there, and learn about the history of the Customs House, and what it has been since. To hear about the things that have happend in that building, to see the building itself, and to hear the stories about things.
It is hard to belive some of the things that were said, but so many people have "died" in that house, or in the tunnel between the house and the other side of the road (under the train tracks).
I found it very intresting, and because yes, I do believe in Ghosts, I was hoping to have an encounter with one, but I didn't... I don't think. I could feel a presence, but didn't see the "Black Lady", or the "Lil Boy", or anyone other then our group of 30.
Our tour was called from Light to Dark, Light to dark. It was just that, from a nicley light area, to a wee bit dark area. Our Guide George, had his red lantern, to keep us going. All of the guides are acters, and you can sure tell. The two that we met last night, are very good at their job. One of witch looked much like my ex-husband. That was the most spooky part of our tour!! LOL
We hope to do a few more of the walks, if not for the Ghostly experience, but for the history of the area. The next one on our list would have to be the Hermitage Ruins found in Ancaster. This one has a lot of history about it, and I think it would be nice to learn it in this way.

Sorry I didn't take the camera because I didn't think we would be allowed to take pictures, but I did add the links so you can see what some of the things are that we saw, and are intrested in. Surf the Haunted Hamilton site, to see what they have found. You can also see them on TV, on Creapy Canada! They have many shows on there, with the many places in Southern Ontario that they feel have the "local hauntings"

Enjoy! We did!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Getting lost in the garden

Well this afternoon, Jason and I decided to go to the Royal Botanical Gardens . It was nice, but boy can one get lost in there. I found a lot of nice flowers that I can't wait to find in my flower books, and find so I can plant in my yard.
Enjoy the flowers, and pics of the gardens that we had the joys of viewing.

So there are a lot of pics.. so nobody can complain that I didn't take pictures LOL. As you can see.. almost every time Jason and I go out, we find water falls or water features!! they are so nice, just like the one in the back yard. I find they make such great relaxing features!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Time together

Well yesterday Jason took the day off work, so he and I could spend some time together. It was so nice to get out, and enjoy the heat. The weather was kinda hot, but thats ok, we can deal with that.
We went to a few waterfalls in the morning, but didn't take the camera, we kinda forgot. So when we went out in the afternoon, I made sure we had it.
There were some really nice "parks". So many nice places to visit, and see the waterfalls of the area. With Hamilton being built on the Niagra Esscartment, there sure are a few of them around.

There are so many different types of Waterfalls. I wish I understood them all. I think my fav would be the curtin style falls (Niagra Falls would be a Ribbon falls).
I can't wait to go back to some of these spots in the fall and see what they look like with the changing of the leaves.
These falls are just above the 403. You get to walk along the rock cut above the 403, and see the falls on one side, and the highway on the other!

Flowers that I saw in one of the walks we did, I would love to know the names of them if any one has any ideas! I would love them to be put in my garden next year!

We wanted to go to the one falls, but when we got to the Conservation area, the path was closed! The Tiffany Falls are located in Ancaster, not that far away. They do ice climbing there also. I wish we could have gone to see it, but the path was closed, it was kind of disapointing! Maybe next time!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Strange people

Well it is 3:30am, and I am sitting here listening to the people next door... Try to "sing"... Please someone quick call Simon from American Idol... This women needs to here what you have to say about her singing!!!!
Between the booze, and the other people cheering her on, this is NUTS!
I thought I was a pretty tolerant person, but at this time of day, this is not acceptable. Not when people have to work in the morning. I can't believe that they would even be parting on a Sunday night, not to mention attempting to "sing", when.. Really...
Oh my... It almost sounds like someone is killing a cat.. Heck.. I think that would sound nicer then this women.. I know I can't sing... I wouldn't try to sing Karaoke, not at this time of night, or with all the people that sound like that are out there.
So, how does one deal with this, knowing that we are the "new" people in the area, and that we don't like them to begin with, as we have had other problems with them. They are such dirty people. We share a drive with them. We have to deal with, not being able to walk between our houses because the garbage is sooo smelly, and all over the ground. Their kids like to leave things all over the place. They don't seem to clean up after themselves, or pick up their toys after themselves.
This would be the one and only time that I think I can say, that I am kinda happy that Taylor isn't here.. He would have been up before me... Crying about this "singing"
If anyone has any suggestions at all on how to deal with these "neighbors" please let me know. I can't stand the smell, and dealing with the bikes, and crap all over the yard, or this "singing" and carrying on......

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Robyn Sews!

Sophie got to try a breast feeding pillow at the hospital yesterday and decided she really liked it. Well the darned things are like $45-$60 so Robyn decided to make one, we went bought material and ripped apart a couple old pillows to stuff it with. Here are some in-production pics and a final product.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

our boy is away....

Well we sent to Hamilton Airport, and put Taylor on the Airplane all by himself...
It was kinda strange.
There were many kids going on the plane by themselves. We went for Jello before hand. Taylor was really excited, and didn't even want to give hugs and kisses to either of us.

Not sure what I am going to do with myself for the next few weeks.. but I am sure I will figure it out!!

Miss you Taylor!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

slow on the update...

Ok, so I have been slow on the update.. I have a bunch of pics to up up, but have not gotten to the basement until today... and this is what I found...

Water, water and more water... It has been storming here off and on all day, and when I took the first step off the stairs, I steped into.. sloosh...
We are not sure where the water has come from, but we think it was a back up of rain water. That would explain the dirt in the hot tub.

Earlier today, I had to run outside in the rain to worry about our pond, and the fishies. Taylor didn't want them to drown (they live in water right??) So, off I went to make sure the pond didn't over flow anymore, but didn't get their faste enough, but I also don't think we lost any fish...

I will write more, and put more pics up when I calm down, and can breath again.. I am very upset with this, and don't know what to do about things. I have started to question things I shouldn't question...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

pond smiles

Well last night, we went to Big Al's and got some fish for the pond. We also got some plants and things to make sure the pond is running well. We have to go back on friday or so to get some snails to clean the yuck from it.

Yes the orange spots in the water are the fish. There are 10 of them in there. I just hope that the other animals don't find them!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

the way the mind works...

Well as I sat today, on the phone with my sister.. waiting for supper to be done.. Keyra says to me "So did Soph have her baby?", and I'm like.. I don't know haven't spoken to her all day, I was in bed with a migraine. Keyra says.. oh.. she posted on her blog, about having contractions all night... so I guess that means you also don't know Sue is pregnant...
As I walk inside, and decide that I am in big trouble for not checking blogs today like I always do, two or three times a day. I start at the top of my list.. and work my way down..

Congratulations Dave, Sue and Julia. We are soo happy for you. And Sue, you are so right, what a great way to tell everyone! I was soo shocked to see it on the net! We pray that everything goes well for you, and that telling Julia will be an easy task, and she will be very accepting of the new Naus.

Soph, get that baby out... Taylor wants to hold her before he goes back to Kenora, and you only have 6 more sleeps for that!

Isn't it amazing how we all keep in touch with eachother with Blogger! Thank you Blogger for finding us... or I guess for us finding you!

All this talk about babies.. is making me.. well.. never mind.. going to run.. and get some practice in!!

Love you all!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Dad's wedding

Well this is how our family spent the long weekend...

My dad and michelle got married this weekend. It was a nice weekend, other then Jason and I getting soaked on Saturday night because of the rain... we kinda got flooded out of our tent.. and slept in the car.. I guess it was all part of the fun.. If we would have been drinking as much as the rest of the Shelvey's we might not have noticed.

Here are some pics of the wedding. Enjoy