Wednesday, December 26, 2007

long lost post

Well we made it to Winnipeg on the 18th. We stayed with my Dad that night, got to visit with Grandma Shelvey, and Michele. Dad had to work, so we didn't get much time with him, but I think we are going to go back early and stay a few with them, so we can.
My dad drove us to Prawda to meet Jason's dad on the 19th. We came to Kenora from there. It was a nice drive. The roads were good.
On the 20th, Jason the kids and I were bumming around the house kinda listening to the "police scanner", listening to the tv, trying to figure out what to do for the day. We didn't get much done, kinda just had some down time, and got Isaiah settled into the house. Around 2pm, we heard on the "scanner" that there was an accident. That kinda perked my ears, because thats just who I am. I was only kinda listening, they had closed Railway Street, due to the accident. Then they ran the plate to the truck involved. I heard my mom's name... and freaked. I knew she was going to Winnipeg to pick up the girls. I ran around to find my cell phone to phone her and ask her where she was, what she was driving and so on. We figure out it was Pete (my step-dad) who was in the accident. His truck left the road and hit a "power pole".
We were worried about David, because it was close to the time that he had to be picked up. Jason ran to pick up David from work. I sat with the boys. When Jason got back to the house, I headed up to the hospital.
I made a few phone calls along the way. Worried about what I was going to walk into when I got to the hospital. I made a call for prayers, for someone to try to get to Winnipeg to worry about my mom and girls.
I got to the hospital, they didn't want me in to see Pete right away. They wanted to talk to me before anything else. When they finally let me in to see him, it wasn't as bad as I had imagined. He was just laying there, tubes here and there, but just laying there. I sat there with him, holding his hand, talking to him, letting him know I was there with him, and we were trying to get mom back to Kenora.
Jason and a friend Andrew drove up to Winnipeg to bring everyone back. The roads were starting to get bad so they really had to take their time. It was about 9pm by the time they got back from the city. Pete's mom, two sisters, and brother in law followed not far behind. I am so thankful that I had a few friends who could come stay with me while I was sitting there.
It was a long day, but in the end, it wasn't that bad. Pete was brain dead. They figured that his brain anurizim had burst before he had hit the pole. So he was "dead" before anything happened.
Mom and I ran around the 21st, and got so much done. Looking back now, I don't know how we did it. On the 24th we had Pete's funeral. It was a very nice service.
Yesterday was Christmas. It was a very busy day. We started at Jason's parents house, opened gifts here, had some quiche, and went to my mom's to open more presents. We then came back here to get things cleaned up and get ready for Jason's mom to do dinner for everyone out here. It was so nice to have everyone all together.
I hope that I will get more posted, and some pictures up. Jason and I didn't take any pictures... we are bad..
Anyway, thanks for listening! Hugs to all

Thursday, December 13, 2007

what to pack

Time feels like it is getting away on me. I am really feeling the crunch. I have so much to get done before we leave for Kenora, and I don't know where to start!!
We are having Sophie, Justin and Rylan come stay in our house while we are away, that way we don't have to worry about being gone so long and worry about the house, and our cats. I am sure that they will enjoy the time in a different environment. However, before they come, I have to get the houses clean, so that Rylan has little to get into. I know that it is going to be a hard thing to do, but I know we can get it done. I want to make sure that the livingroom is safe for him. I also want to get Isaiah's room clean, so that it is usable for more then just him sleeping! Rylan will like to be able to play and have some fun.
Then there is the packing..... what on earth do I have to bring.... We will be needing our snowsuits, winter clothing (something we have not used here yet), sweaters, baby things, Taylor things.. I really don't know what to pack! I have never traveled with someone so little before.. I am thankful to know that we have a few friends who will lend us some of the essentials! I don't have to worry about a playpen, or toys, as we will have them to borrow.. What else do I have to bring..
My mind is going crazy trying to think of all the things I want to do before we go...

Oh... and I almost forgot.. I still have to mail my Christmas cards... sorry if they are late everyone.. I am kinda slow on this one this year.. I have been running out of time, and don't know what to do about it!

Sunday, December 09, 2007


Oh my! I wish I had one of these with Taylor when he was a baby!!
Isaiah just loves this!! He will sit in this for so long, and just coo away!
Amazing the things you can find at Once Upon a Child! (a second hand store)
He has found his hands, and knows how to scratch himself very well. We are working on his rash, and have bought some new laundry soap to see if that might be the problem.
Sorry no video yet, gotta get on Jason for that one.. he has a lot going on that he has been working on for work. I will get to him soon!

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Ok, can I take more time to get this done??? I am very slow with updating here... I do have more video to post, just waiting for Jason....

Happy to say I am over half way done my Christmas cards, and hope to get them in the mail by the end of the weekend.
Taylor is home from school tomorrow, and Aly plans to come over for the afternoon. I hope to get some "Christmas baking" done even though we will not be here. I want to get some done for some friends. I know that I have to make Uncle David his "M&M cookies", but I will be doing them with smarties, and not until we get to Kenora.
I think all my shopping is done, just have to get to Kenora to wrap it all.
I hope to get a few pictures or the video up before the end of the weekend.
Hugs to all!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Well, lets see how this works. I pulled the video camera out of storage in the basement, having a Mac makes it so much easier to do this video stuff :) Built in Firewire, gotta love it.

This is from Taylor's Remembrance Day assembly at school, he's joined the choir and they were singing.

It's about 3.4Mb, hope no one gets too mad at me for the size.

Ok, I am not good with this anymore.. I guess this comes with having two children!
I hope to have some great photos for you after our wonderful night tonight. We have friends coming for dinner! I plan to BBQ a Turkey, yes thats right BBQ the turkey.
I miss being able to have people over, and cook for them. I am hoping that this will be the start to our return to entertaining. I enjoy having my house full of our friends and family. It is so much more fun then when you are home alone.

I got Nanny's recipe for Shortbread cookies from aunt Sal, and I can't wait to burn some!(Girls you know what I mean!!) I know that we are going home for Christmas, but I do want to get some baking done before, and maybe take it with us, or maybe just eat it all ourselves!
We are not going to put up our tree this year. It really doesn't make sense. We will be in Kenora for 3 weeks, including Christmas and New Years, so not much point in decorating here.
Well off I go to cleaning the house, and getting some of the preparations done for tonight!

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Well Tigger and Eeyore went out for a great night last night.

Our friend Doris bought this cute outfit for Isaiah last week.

And our friend Amy bought these cute overalls for him also!

We have really been blessed by our Church family. I am so very thankful for everyone. I know I can always count on them to help out, and to be there when we need someone. Either a shoulder to cry on, someone to help with the kids, or someone to just talk to.
Thank you to everyone!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Well yesterday Isaiah went for his first needles. Jason and I were both a bit uptight about the situation. However, Isaiah did well. He did cry, and I thought Jason might do the same, but once he got back into mommy's arms and on the breast he calmed down. He ate really well after the needles.
Everything changed after that....

Isaiah slept!!!! and Slept!!!! and Slept!!! He would wake up long enough to have a quick snack, and fall back to sleep... wake up scream, and snack, and back to sleep. This went like this almost all day. Jason came home from work, and I went out for a bit. Isaiah had a feed for him, and was asleep when I got back.
So I started to get a bit worried when he was sleeping so much, I thought we were in for a bit of a night. Well, it wasn't that bad. Isaiah didn't sleep that great, but he did sleep all night. He didn't go to a deep sleep, but was asleep. He fussed, moved lots, and made lots of noise.
Today he has eaten quite well, and has just started to nap. I hope that he is back to his normal day, not that we have a real normal day yet! I am sure that we will get a routine soon.

Taylor stayed home from school with me yesterday. He had a good day. He has been so helpful, and always wants to do what he can for Isaiah. He helps lift him up to the chair, move him. the only thing he will not do is change him! LOL We have talked to him about it, but he will always say "I am a child, I can't change a babies bum" It is so cute.
Sorry there are no pictures. I am sure there will be lots as we get closer to Halloween!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

How does she do it!

I don't know how Anne Geddes does it, because it sure isn't easy to get cute pictures of babies doing these things!!

So we tried to do the Geddes photo of Isaiah. I guess he didn't really like it.. maybe it was too cold in there for him. I am willing to try it again, but with a towel or something inside, that way it isn't so cold.
I have gutted two pumpkins, and hope that in the next day or so we are able to get them carved and looking good. I have a few tiny ones that I would like to gut and put candles in. I will take pictures when I get them done.

Isaiah goes for his 2 month needle tomorrow so please keep us in your prayers. I am sure it will be ok, but just in case.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thank you Sophie for this cute outfit! I thought Isaiah looked great in it!

I don't know if this will work or not, but I am trying to get this video up that I did of Isaiah..

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Isaiah is now
11lbs 1oz!!!!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Today is Jason and my second anniversary! We had a quiet day at home, as the weather here is really hot!! +32!! It is crazy! We did get some work done around the house.
We also got to go out for dinner on Saturday. A big Thank you to Sophia and Justin for taking the boys for us so we could go out. It was great! We went to the Mandarin for supper. It is a large 7 table buffet! You name it, it is there! There was lots of fish, so I had to be a bit careful, but it was worth watching what I was eating. We were just heading to table number 4 when my cell phone rang... my heart stopped.. I was reaching for my phone, knowing who was calling already by the ring tone... It was Sophia... all that was going through my head was "Isaiah is driving her nuts, Taylor is acting up" and those sorts of things. I answered the phone..."Robyn, you have such a great baby! You don't need to rush home, he is soo quiet, they are both being so good!" Sophia was so happy that I was a wee bit confused. We finished our dinner and headed home to pick up the boys. Sophia and Justin were not expecting us quiet so soon, but I had to feed Isaiah.
Thank you Thank you Sophia and Justin!

So Isaiah is now 2 months old!!! I can't believe it has been that long! He is sure growing. He is doing great at holding up his own head, eating so well, and playing very well on his own, as well as with his brother.
The boys had their first bath together tonight. I wasn't "allowed" to take pictures. The oldest, not mentioning any names, told me I was not taking pictures of him in the bath tub!
So instead, here is a picture of Isaiah and a big Smile, and one of him just after I took him out of the tub.
I hope to get some pictures of Taylor soon, but he has been a bit camera shy.

Friday, October 05, 2007

This is what we had for supper!
Cheesy Volcano Meatballs
Isaiah and I went to Brampton today to visit some of our friends. We didn't get to far, but we did get to see Joyce. It was nice to get out and visit.
I have been having a bit of a time feeling trapped. I don't like this not being able to get out and do things. I feel like I am stuck here in the house. I know I am not, but it is hard to get out and do things when I have to catch the bus to go, or walk. I also am not a big fan of doing things alone. It is times like this, that I find it rather hard to be so far away from our families. I also find this time very hard to be without Nanny. I forgot how much she was around when Taylor was a baby.

Isaiah is growing fast, and outgrowing so many of this clothes. He is a great baby! He is feeding much better then he had been, and is sleeping better.
We had a really nice visit with Great Grandma Stahls, and a few others.

We have been having some fun playing on the floor, in our crib, and in our chair. I am so happy to see Isaiah play with his toys, and reach for things.

He also got some great shoes from his Aunt Gail! I love them! I have been looking for these for such a long time!

Sunday, September 30, 2007


Ok, not in the mood to type, so here are some pictures... Hope you like them all.


Sunday, September 23, 2007


Ok, we have company again, and I will post some pictures when I get more time. At this point in time, I am busy catching up on my sleep before my in-laws leave. They are busy doing "fix up" things around the house with/for us! It has been great having Cathy and Garfield here!
I will write more when I am more awake, and can get some pictures up

Friday, September 14, 2007

Bath time

Ok so Jason got to take Isaiah in the tub! We are all amazed at how happy Isaiah is in the bath! It is so nice to not have a screaming child in the tub!

And after the bath.. what do we all like to do??



Well my Mom and Sister Keyra were down for a week. Elaian was also here. They all had a great time with Isaiah. He is such a good baby!

Ok so I don't have a picture of Keyra and Isaiah... oops.. sorry Keyra...

SO good news today from the Lactation Consultant!!! Isaiah is up to 8lbs 11oz!! He has gained 10oz in 5 days! This is great news! I guess we are slowly getting back on track, and getting things under way properly!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Ok, so now that Soph has given us the great pictures that she took, I can show them to you also! Thank you so much Sophie for taking so many pictures and for watching Taylor. It means the world to us to have such a great friend!!

Here are Taylor and I on the way to the hospital at about 12:30am on August 17th. Sorry, no picture of Jason, as he was driving, and Sophie was sitting right behind him, and was not able to take a picture of him.

Sophie and Taylor may have missed the birth, but they didn't miss the midwifes checking Isaiah out!

Sophie made sure he had all his toes!

Our first family photo!

We are so happy to be home. Isaiah is doing much better now. We go to see Andrea tomorrow at 11:30am, so I will update you on what she has to say! As of Saturday when she came to our house Isaiah was 7lbs 9oz. He is slowly gaining back his weight. We have until Friday to try to be back to his birth weight.
I am happy to report that when I went to TOPS last night, I lost 11 lbs! Yes, I am back to my prepreo weight!! Now to get the rest to come off, and get my body back in shape!

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Ok, so tomorrow is Taylor's birthday. I know he is upset because we are having an "adult party" and only have Sophie and Justin coming to it. He is having a "kids party" in September after he goes back to school, and has time to invite friends from school.
I don't know how to deal with this. He is showing us some attitude that we were really not ready for. I know this is common with a child who has spent so much time as an only child, but wow! I didn't think it would be like this. It has been rather trying on both Jason and I. I know that once he gets back to school that things will get better, and the more time that we are able to spend with just him, and get him involved in things the better things will be.

Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to learn and adjust to our new family life.

Friday, August 24, 2007


Yes, we are home. Sorry that it has taken us so long to post, but things here have been very hectic. I hope that by next week things will slow down a bit more.

Isaiah is dealing with some jaundice, and not feeding so well. We are having to express breast milk, and supplement him at the same time as feeding him. This means it takes both Jason and I to feed him. Thus causing issues with Taylor. He is having a bit of a time adjusting to being a big brother, and sharing his parents. We have really noticed this during feeding times. I know this will get better as time goes on, but it is really frustrating to deal with at the moment.

So we have some pictures of things like our first bath at home!! What a great time that was. Isaiah didn't cry when we put him in the tub,we got him all wet, washed half of his body, and then the screaming began! It was great fun.

Enjoy the pictures! I will write more when my brain has had some rest.