Thursday, September 29, 2005

Well not really sure what to put for a title. Got so much on my mind, I am not sure what end is up! Still a few things left to worry about for the wedding, but I think things are slowly comming in to place. Still have to get candy kisses, pick out the music, get one more server for the salads.... and pray that my maid of honor will be able to make it here for the wedding.
I guess things are slowly comming to place.
Taylor didn't have school today. I however, had to drive bus. But thats ok.
I think I need a nap.. I am a cranky person today...

Monday, September 26, 2005

Oh boy

I guess you can tell that it has been a long week away from home. I didn't get near a computer for more then 5 min all week.
Oh well. I guess you can catch up with things now.
Taylor did such a great job walking Carley down the isle for Candy's wedding. I was so happy with him.
We have some pictures of the bears in Winnipeg, on Broadway Street. A picture of Taylor at the TO airport, some pictures of the girls before and durring the wedding. ... A picture of me saying... Darn it arn't we done yet...
and who knows what else...

Saturday, September 17, 2005

watch out Dave!!

ok so I am a few days late with this post ( ok a week). Taylor, Jason and I went to the fall fair in Georgetown last weekend. We worked for Dave, and had a blast. Here are some pictures of the fair, and some of what happens when the 5 year old gets a hold of the camera!!
Have a great day.
Taylor and I are off to Kenora tomorrow. I will try and get some pictures for you all when we get back, or sooner if I find a computer there!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

lost in never never land

Ok so it has been a while since I last updated this wonderful blog. We have been busy with wedding preperations, and trying to get things sorted out. We have a pastor, Pastor Ian will do the wedding. Taylor wants to do two things for the wedding, walk with Julia, and walk mom down the isle. So I guess thats ok. We just have to figure out the isle. I think we might have to rent something to look like an isle, or we could just line the chairs up so it looks like it.

Taylor has been sick for a few days now. I think he caught a chill while we were in Georgetown the other night. I am sure he will get over it soon.
We leave this comming sunday for Kenora. We have a wedding to attend, then come home and finish ours and be wed two weeks after!
Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Taylor and school

Well Taylor started school yesterday. I know, I Know, I am slow to the post. Jason took him to school in the morning, and I picked him up (a bit late). He seemed to have a good day. I still have to get him a few things for school such as inside shoes, gym clothing, a larger back pack (because they send way to much stuff home), and some "healthy" snacks. I have found that he isn't too intrested in the apple sause anymore, he use to love that stuff. I guess I will have to find a new fav.
Have a great day!

Friday, September 02, 2005

picking beans

Taylor and I were out in the garden most of the day picking beans. Taylor enjoys picking them with me. I will have to take more pictures and put them up for everyone to see. He is getting bigger, and really trying to be the independant man that he is.
Have a great night!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Pop, POP, pop

Well Taylor went outside with me today, and we picked some beets. He found some really large ones, and was soo happy with them. So after picking beets, we had to show him how to pickle them. I cleaned them up, and boiled them. Peeling them wasn't much fun, but it got done. While I was at the sink peeling them I watched two squirls on the fence. I was kind of shocked to see them work as a team, and take a pumpkin from the garden. I chased them away, and went back to peeling the beets. After I got them all cut up and ready to go, Taylor lost intrest.
We ended up with about 8 jars of beets, and there are still lots in the garden.
I hope the taste good. I have been listening to them pop and pop. I love that sound!!
Have a great day!