Monday, July 30, 2007


Well, Mom, Pete, and Uncle David came for a visit! I didn't get many pictures, I had lost the camera for a while, so I hope when Mom gets home she will post some for me. Pete was good and busy at taking pictures!

We went to the Falls for a day. It was great! Lots of walking, and sight seeing and checking things out.
Tic didn't really like the wax museum, he got a bit freaked out by some of the "people".

These are just some of the things we did while we had our visitors.

So after our visit with Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle David, we went camping with Kim, Neal and Dano!!
Taylor was so happy to see Dano it was just great!!

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And the fun that Taylor didn't get a picture in... because he went the next day, when he was a bit warmer!

Kim and Dano, Neal and Jason, Tyler and James had a blast trying to get wet!! Taylor went out with Jason the next day and had a blast. I was too busy sleeping to get pictures! oops.. better luck next time!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Rylan's 1st Birthday

Ok, sorry to beat Sophie, but I couldn't wait anymore!
We went to Rylan's birthday party July 8th. What a great time we had! Rylan had a blast, and sure got lots of fun gifts.

While everyone was still setting up, Rylan was sitting in Taylor's lawn chair, on and off, on and off!

Rylan sure knew what to do with the one gift of the sippy cup!!

Taylor also got a great giftbag to keep him busy during the party. What a great idea Sophia had with that. The party was at Judy and Marc's out in Grimsby, and what a yard!!! I would love to have a yard like that! It was huge!!

We ended up having to go inside for cake and icecream as the rain had decided to visit. Rylan had a great time with his own cake!

This is the cake that we got to share!

SO this week, we have been busy with our yard, and trying to get a few things done around the house. I haven't been too useful, but I keep trying.
This is what the pond looks like where it is.

And here is our Lazy Max Cat!

Well thats about it until I get more pictures taken, and get more cleaning done. I wish there was a magical fairy who would come clean! LOL... I know.. keep dreaming!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Back yard and Canada Day

Well I am slow on this, but here goes.
We have been working slowly on our back yard. Jason has moved the pond.

I have been playing around pulling our raspberries, and trying to decide what to do with some of the other flowers.

Then on Canada Day, we decided to go to the Falls for the fireworks.
This is the video that Taylor took from Jason's shoulders, and a picture of the Falls all done up nice!