Saturday, November 17, 2007

Well, lets see how this works. I pulled the video camera out of storage in the basement, having a Mac makes it so much easier to do this video stuff :) Built in Firewire, gotta love it.

This is from Taylor's Remembrance Day assembly at school, he's joined the choir and they were singing.

It's about 3.4Mb, hope no one gets too mad at me for the size.

Ok, I am not good with this anymore.. I guess this comes with having two children!
I hope to have some great photos for you after our wonderful night tonight. We have friends coming for dinner! I plan to BBQ a Turkey, yes thats right BBQ the turkey.
I miss being able to have people over, and cook for them. I am hoping that this will be the start to our return to entertaining. I enjoy having my house full of our friends and family. It is so much more fun then when you are home alone.

I got Nanny's recipe for Shortbread cookies from aunt Sal, and I can't wait to burn some!(Girls you know what I mean!!) I know that we are going home for Christmas, but I do want to get some baking done before, and maybe take it with us, or maybe just eat it all ourselves!
We are not going to put up our tree this year. It really doesn't make sense. We will be in Kenora for 3 weeks, including Christmas and New Years, so not much point in decorating here.
Well off I go to cleaning the house, and getting some of the preparations done for tonight!

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Well Tigger and Eeyore went out for a great night last night.

Our friend Doris bought this cute outfit for Isaiah last week.

And our friend Amy bought these cute overalls for him also!

We have really been blessed by our Church family. I am so very thankful for everyone. I know I can always count on them to help out, and to be there when we need someone. Either a shoulder to cry on, someone to help with the kids, or someone to just talk to.
Thank you to everyone!!