Thursday, April 26, 2007


Ok, so its been a while for these pics.. I should have had them up a long long time ago.. sorry.. I guess I am a bit slow to do most things these days.

I was asked for a prego pic, so here it is.. I don't like it.. but its there for those of you to check out.

These are some pics of when we were at Kim and Neal's in March. I know I am slow on these, but better late then never.
Tic had a great time playing Goalie. I would love to get him playing hockey next year. I think by then he will enjoy it better, and have learned to skate by then!

We also took Rylan with us when we went. Kim had a blast with him, as did the rest of us.

I hope you guys enjoy these. I will try and actually write about what has been going on this weekend. I have a few things to try and get done. I also have to get some cleaning done, my house is kinda scary...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sounds of Spring!!

What are the sounds of Spring?? Is it the sounds of the birds first thing in the morning? Flowers in the air? Bee's buzzing around? Nope, none of those things...

Its the sound of the Harley's reeving their engines!!!!

Ok so I love the sound of a bike.. what can I say.

SO we have been doing some work in the front yard. We are kind of stuck as to what to do next.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

19 weeks

Here is the baby!!! Growing fast. And never stops moving. Baby didn't stop moving much when the tec was trying to get mesurments. I could feel baby moving like crazy. We also saw the OB, and our Midwife today. Babies heart rate is good, and baby looks good.
We will keep you updated as we know things. We are being sent to Mac, to look into a little blip that was "found" today. We will find out for sure if what the tec saw was correct or not.

March Break...

Ok... I guess I am really slow with this... I have a few pics of Disney on Ice!! We had a great time there. I know I should have posted this long time ago, but I am sure that we will all have great memories of this!

Hope this holds you for a bit.. I will update in a few... Hugs